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 DJ3K glitch

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PostSubject: DJ3K glitch   DJ3K glitch Icon_minitimeMon Sep 15, 2008 10:41 am

Please note I didn't find this, it was from Jc4x4's blog.

Log in on penguin you wish to earn coins on
Log in to a safe chat server.
Go to the dance club and go to dj3k.
Do not press YES, instead press the TAB button on your keyboard until the box is aroudn your igloo button on the tool bar
Press ENTER on your keyboard
Once you are in your igloo press YES
When you are in the game press TAB again until the sqaure is around the exit button
Press and hold ENTER
Edit by me:When in DJ3K, hit the TAB key. When it's on the 'X', hit enter. Keep it held down. It's even faster!
To keep your coins, log off.
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DJ3K glitch
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